Installation Projects

Tamara Hahn: ‘Drip Forms’ 

Tamara had just completed her two years as a ceramics associate at the Jamfactory, and was about to set up as a tenant when she was commissioned to develop work for the Crown Metropol in Melbourne.
Crown requested that Tamara make them 64 large forms. Two pieces each for 32 of their new Loft Suites. One piece was based on a vessel (previously made by Tamara) with specked porcelain clay, glazed inside with blue celadon glaze, with a beautiful accidental run of glaze down the front of the form. Crown requested that Tamara make the form twice the size of the original. The other form was a specked porcelain large bowl that complemented the first form.

“My main challenge was an unexpected one; I thought it might be difficult throwing 64 large pieces. Each required 5kg of clay to make, but I was used to throwing large forms and I quickly developed the needed muscles and made all the forms in 4 weeks. I also thought I could have problems with firing such large forms, but this went mostly well, with just the usually amount of seconds that is inevitable with ceramics. My main challenge came from needing to reproduce a beautiful, ‘accidental’ run of glaze on 32 large pots! After trying a few I started asking myself ‘how do I make a run of glaze look accidental when I am doing it on purpose?’ It did take a fair bit of practice and experimentation, but the pieces were finished to my satisfaction in 6 weeks and the experience has been enormously beneficial to the development of new skills.”

Charmain Hearder: ‘Hells Bowls’

Charmain Hearder is a Master of Visual Art and Design specialising in ceramics.

Charmain’s ‘star flower range was selected to be installed in the Maze (Gordon Ramsay Restaurant) in Crown Metropol Melbourne Victoria as an installation.

168 bowls were wheel thrown, dark stone ware with additional porcelain slip. They were reduction fired in a gas kiln to 1280D.

They have been fired with two different glazes, green celadon and a zirconium white glaze. Charmain called this special order ‘Hells Bows’.


Susan Frost: Crown Metropol Victoria

Susan was in her second year as a ceramics associate at Jamfactory when she was commissioned to develop work for the Crown Metropol in Melbourne.

Crown asked Susan to make a larger version of her 12cm high Nested Vessel forms. The significant scale upwards in size was a daunting but welcome challenge.

“I had wanted to start making some larger forms for a while however it requires a whole new approach to making and is physically demanding. This seemed the perfect opportunity to develop my skills”. Susan made the 96 pieces in six weeks plus a few more for luck. “I was pretty exhausted but creating this work has been hugely satisfying.”

The set of three Nested Vessels are wheel thrown in high-fired stoneware and form the dining table centrepieces in 32 Loft Suites.


Contemporary Connoisseur Commission:Crown Metropol Victoria 

Batessmart Architects requested 18 Levels to be furnished with Glass. Colours and samples were sent and 18 Sets of 4 were chosen. Contemporary Connoisseur worked very closely with the artist and the client to make sure the installation was delivered on time and as requested.