Andrei Davidoff

Andrei Davidoff’s practise explores architectural structures and spaces through interventions, site specific/responsive installations and minimalist structural additions. The building of ‘fake’ walls, creating forests of naked fluorescent light tubes and the stacking industrial ‘handmades’ all seek to encourage the exploration and re-analysis of the constructed inner landscapes and environs which we visit and inhabit.  Davidoff  has a particular interest in ‘rediscovering’ the handmade in architecture, highlighting brickwork, architraves, structurally unnecessary elements and the cavities behind walls and under floors.

Past works have included Denkyu Forest, a series of site responsive works, transforming gallery space into an organic environment. Wires and plinths grow from walls floor and ceiling, naked fluorescent tubes sprout from ceramic vessels and the boundary between organic and the industrial is blurred whilst remaining prelevant.  Maquettes for a 2D Monument is a constantly growing and evolving series of works (made from recycled clay from building/excavation sites) exploring concepts of ‘three-dimensional drawing’  as well as the relationships between negative space, texture and scale, of person to place, within constructed environments. Architecture I (Glory hole) included all three techniques of modification, addition and exploration to allow the viewer to investigate a familiar space, constructed elements projected modifications to the gallery space.