Andrew Baldwin

My fascination with glass began in high school at the age of 17. Right from the start I was enthralled by the extraordinary process of glassblowing. The beauty of glass is apparent but the precision and passion required to make glass was what captivated my mind.

The philosophical and aesthetic training under Stephan Proctor at the Canberra School of Art (Australian National University) was pivotal in my formative years as a student. Stephan’s teaching gave me a greater appreciation for the importance of making art and instilled a dedication to care in the process of crafting artworks.

After completing my studies at the Canberra Glass workshop I went on to a more practical training in production glassblowing at JamFactory in Adelaide, South Australia. This two year program gave me the ability to understand and master many of the advanced techniques of glassblowing. It also gave me the opportunity to study under and work with leading glass artists from Italy, Japan, the USA and Australia.

When my training at JamFactory was complete in 2002 I was well positioned to begin a career as an independent glass artist. Since then I have had the good fortune to be included in a number of international exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia and of course Australia.

The inspiration for the work is often just the process of making in itself. I enjoy the challenge of complicated techniques, I love the thrill of crafting a really beautiful object. In deciding what to make I am either drawn to very traditional shapes in glass or objects that are inspired by the natural environment.

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