The theory behind my design approach is to create and inspire contemporary products using a minimalist approach. The need for sustainable products is important to reduce wastage and encourage the longevity for the product. My products are specifically designed to approach this issue using minimal materials and manufacturing processes to achieve the result.

The inspiration for my products comes from my experiences and stories travelling the world. The stories represent products and the outcome are the experiences of my journey. In 2015, I volunteered through Projects Abroad spending six months teaching English in Cambodia. I have many fond memories of interacting with my students and teachers, learning the simple lifestyle of the Cambodian countryside. My products represent this simple lifestyle of using minimal resources to achieve the result.

I have obtained a Bachelor in product innovation in 2011 and a Graduate Diploma in visual art and design, specialising in furniture design in 2014 from the University of South Australia. Since graduating, I had always wanted to run my own business and started Artifax in 2017 with help from my business partner, Jessie. The success of the business comes from designing new, sustainable, minimal, simple and interactive products, which are all designed in Australia.

My journey begun in 2015 after my time volunteering in Cambodia. I applied and was accepted to do a mentorship program as part of the Limber Up program conducted by Guildhouse. I was partnered with a mentor who helped introduce me to the process of designing a light for a client. The lighting design ended up being my first product for my business, the Cornetto.

Developing good products are essential in establishing a good business. I continuously endeavor to learn and experiment the recipe for a good product that represent the core values of Artifax. My products represent a story, a story that I want to share with you!

I hope you enjoy the products of Artifax as much as I have enjoyed making them.  

Edward Hayter