George Agius

I am currently an associate at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design based in Adelaide, South Australia. I came to the JamFactory after completing my fourth year in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in Calgary, Canada. Previous to my exchange year I had completed my Diploma in Glass Design and Production from the Wanganui Glass School in New Zealand.

Whilst I was in New Zealand studying I started working for Katie Brown at the Chronicle Glass Studio. This opportunity gave me a great deal of experience assisting in a professional, and open to public, studio. Whilst learning technique and creative personal design at school, I was learning proficient assisting in a team environment and shown how a successful production studio was run on a daily basis. This also led me to assist visiting artists Luke Jacomb, Gary Nash, Josh Simpson, Chris Jones, and Uri Davillier.

At the end of my third year of the diploma I decided I wanted to travel internationally to learn diverse techniques and ways of conceptualising. I applied for an exchange to ACAD and was lucky enough to be accepted. My instructors were amazingly talented and supportive with the faculty comprised of Tyler Rock, Natali Rodrigues, Jane Bruce and Kirstie Rae. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program offered a different perspective on glass as well as an intermingling of departments allowing room for experimentation and growth. This led me to combine my production design background with my performance side which resulted in some interesting work. This experience was amazingly rewarding and I have found my knowledge of what glass can be to have developed experientially.

After my study in Canada I then travelled over to Ireland to reconnect with family. During my time there I visited Galway Crystal and Waterford Crystal and now have a new-found appreciation for cold cutting techniques.

What inspires and drives my glass practice are the ideas of impermanence, the beauty of a treasured moment, family ties and cultural identity.
I aim to stimulate and evoke an emotional response through the interplay of various elements: form, colour, repetition, composition, intention of movement and beauty. The role that the viewer and artist play in the giving and receiving of the piece is what gives my work life: the essence of my art.

Inherent in my developing practice, family, culture and heritage are very strong components that I continue to explore in diverse ways. My interest in culture stems from my New Zealand upbringing fused with a strong Celtic and Spanish influence. Family is very important to me and has always been the force behind engaging in cultural activities and so becomes the heart of my work.

I hope you enjoy my work, I certainly enjoyed creating it!

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