John Hallett

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, John is an emerging designer-maker, focusing predominantly on wood turning.

John holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honours from the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, University of South Australia, graduating in 2007.

Having completed the Jam Factory’s two year associate program in 2009, John worked in Italy and Czech Republic for several months before returning to Adelaide to set up a collaborative workshop in early 2011.

“My interest lies in rejuvenating traditional, largely superseded craft skills. I am concerned with how these skills and techniques can be reinterpreted in a contemporary manner; ensuring their longevity. I believe it is important that these skills are not lost as they require an intrinsic and thorough understanding of materials and processes often overlooked when utilising modern manufacturing techniques. Craftsmanship and honesty to materials is, above all else, what I strive for in my work.”

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