Mandi King

Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1982, Mandi King completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors at New York State College of Ceramics in 2005, with a concentration in studio glass. She attended Pilchuck School of Glass as a scholarship student and a teaching assistant.

Inspired by the work of Australian glass artists such as Clare Belfrage and Gabriella Bisetto, In 2006 she moved overseas to South Australia to undergo the two-year Glass Design Associateship at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre. She now continues to live and work in Adelaide, maintaining a small solo practice at the Blue Pony Studios, and also as part of the glass design collaborative project, Illumini, with fellow emerging glass artist Karen Cunningham.

Statement of Professional Practice
“A stubborn experimentalist, I’m faithful to exploring and exploiting the most spontaneous and unique qualities inherent to the material of molten glass. Fluid as water, buoyant as air, and as bright as the light that filters through it. Colour has never been so vibrant, and form never so versatile. Glass is in one word simply, alive. From the first gatherings of hot viscous to contemplating the cooled contours of a finished piece for the first time, every step of the process reveals a galaxy of possibilities I am compelled to express through the practice of object-making. I strive to transform the most innate, yet exciting characteristics discovered along the way into a new vocabulary of eye popping formal elements and design concepts for the future.”

“I am proud to be a part of a movement of young artists who are actively re-imagining the bridge between the worlds of design and craft through our work. My wares demonstrate successful balances of the best sensibilities both approaches of making have to offer. Intimate and intuitive understanding of material combined with fluency in the clean visual language of contemporary design. Clear vision of function in greater contexts. Appreciation for the maximum efficiency of production, with a vested awareness of the greater impact of our objects in the world.“

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