Thomas Pearson

Thomas Pearson 

I am an Adelaide based glass artist and designer with a varied portfolio including hot blown and sculpted glass-work. 

My current work engages with concepts of Australian identity and discovery; Australian geography, flora, and fauna are used as a lens to examine ideas of life cycle, time, and functionality. In my Gumleaf bowls and Waterdrop vases, I examine aspects of the physical landscape and collage them in sculptural work that offer the opportunity for the viewer to rediscover familiar forms which are uniquely and beautifully Australian.

The physical nature of blown and sculptural glass is very responsive to the maker’s hand. Once the glass is formed and cooled, the work is then textured and surfaced using cold cutting techniques. These two ways of working, as additive and subtractive processes, reference the changing identity, the movement and erosion of this landscape.


After graduating from a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Australian National University in 2015, I have gone onto complete the JamFactory Associate program in Adelaide in 2017. For the past four years, I have taught and exhibited glass work both nationally and internationally with exchanges in Belgium and China. My art and design work has been a finalist in the 2017 National Emerging Art Glass Prize and the 2018 Fuse Glass Prize. I have also featured in a solo exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery in 2018.