Elodie Barker


Elodie Barker is a well-known professional ceramic artist. In earlier years whilst studying at TAFE she received an award for design.

The following years took her to the University of South Australia where she learned numerous skills and techniques in ceramics, glass, printmaking and photography. In 1995 Elodie received her Bachelor of Ceramic and Glass Design from the University of South Australia.

On completion of her studies she was accepted into the prestigious JamFactory where she undertook two years of a career development scheme as an Associate in the Ceramics Studio. Here she began to market and develop a range of sculptural and ceramic based products.

After much hard work she received a Certificate in Small Business Management that allowed her to establish her own successful ceramics business out of one of the JamFactory’s independent studios.

Since that time she has continued to develop her business and ceramic skills, exhibiting locally and selling through selected Galleries nationally and internationally.

She now has a studio of her own and hand-builds numerous sculptures out of various clays.
Her work is based on animals of all kinds. She hand throws bowls of various sizes on a potter’s wheel which she then decorates using various underglaze pigments.

A brilliant range of cats and dogs with differing looks and personalities line her shelving. Mother and baby chickens with intricate wire legs also add another dimension to her range.

“I love ceramics. Each day brings me new challenges. I adore the idea of bringing a still piece of clay to life, giving it a unique personality, something for everyone to enjoy. I admire this medium. It is really hands-on, every piece evolves as I work on it. The textures, colour, expression and the way I feel become an important part of each individual piece.”

Handmade by Elodie Barker