Happy, Healthy and Balanced living is fundamentally the most important element for us at CoCo Lifestyle. We want to share our journey with you through our range of beautiful products we now have in store. We have a selection of beauty bars, bath infusions, scrubs, cleansers and more to keep you feeling nourished and hydrated. Here at CoCo we’re also in love with these little bottles of what we like to call, magic! Our oils are plant based, 100% organic, therapeutic grade oils that contain no synthetic materials and third party testing.

Our products are a way of living for the team here at CoCo. We incorporate them into our everyday lives to help us keep balanced, revitalised and empowered. They are beautiful products that we are truly proud to share with you.

CoCo Lifestyle’s beauty products contain 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. All of our products are hand-blended and ethically sourced from all over the globe to bring you the purest blend of natural resources.    

We truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the raw beauty of natural, chemical-free products that have the highest level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your skin. We want to nurture and protect our natural resources and reduce toxic chemicals, allergens and plastics from our everyday living.

On a personal level these products have helped the team at CoCo in their everyday lives. We don’t believe that there’s one solution to good health and inner happiness, it comes from a holistic approach which we are sharing with you through CoCo Lifestyle.

CoCo Lifestyle is on a journey towards an enriched and powerful sense of wellbeing; let us share it with you and please join us.  

Bath Infusion

These amazing pockets of goodness will give you an all over body treatment while you soak.


Cocoa & Shea Scrub Bars – 5 pack


A rich palm sized treatment bar to moisturise and scrub your entire body. Comes in 5 different flavours, varying in scrub intensity. Each scrub bar is designed as a single use, full body treatment to be used while you shower.


Essential Oils Kit

11 handpicked versatile oils we think every home should have


Insect Repellent Stick for Babies and Adults


This natural insect repellent stick is great for Adults. Simple to use, non-greasy, and the stick conveniently fits in your bag for when you need it. Chemical free, effective and good for your skin!


Night Repair Serum


A wonderful blend of collagen stimulating ingredients, to minimise lines and nurture your skin while you sleep. Absorbs well into skin with a rich, silky finish.


Powdered Cleansers


Borrowing from an ancient Japanese tradition, featuring Adzuki Bean (a natural foaming agent) and Rice Bran, these cleansers will leave your skin smooth and refreshed.