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Earth Range

A linier pattern full of brilliant reds, vibrant oranges, and beautiful browns is formed over hundreds of years. Layers of sedimentary earth map a physical breakdown and chemical alteration of rocks. A mix of quartz, clays and natural matter represent moments in time and can give great insight into the past.


Rondure Water bottle


The Rondure water bottle is designed for use at the table when entertaining.


Rondure Decanter and Tumblers Range

The Rondure decanter and tumblers are designed to optimise the experience of drinking fine wine. The marble in the base of the piece allows movement of the glass to aerate wine.


Suspension Range

The Suspension Range is an exploration of colour and white space. Through the controlled deflation of blown glass, colour creates a negative space, a seemingly suspended form. This range includes a large bowl, a small bowl and a vase and each piece is multifunctional as they are reversible.





Whale Tail

Every winter South Australia enjoys the return of Southern Right whales to its shores.


Beach Bowl


The 'Beach Bowl' captures the colours of the South Australia coastlines. Lose yourself in the dense blues and greens as you look into the bowl, bring the beauty of the beach into your home.


Lucky Drop


The 'Lucky Drop' is a hand blown ornamental object. It has a curved and weighted base to allow it to gently rock.



Our Glasshearts are the perfect way to show you care, and speak a thousand languages.


Hasa Hands


Hasa Hands - Salad Servers


'Vine Memento'


Vine memento's are about bringing home a permanent memento of Australia's amazing wine regions.


Black + White Bowls


His functional ceramic pieces are predominantly wheel-thrown and are made from local clay in his Melbourne studio.


CoCo's Bubble Blocks

As seen in Crown Metropolis Melbourne on Channel Tens 'Offspring 2013'.


'Trio Of Dips'


Set of three wheel thrown vessels pushed together when the clay is still wet make a unique set that fit together as a group, and can also be separated, used and admired alone for the unique forms that they are.


Water Drop Diamonds


Can you see the floating bubble? These gorgeous handmade diamonds take you to another place....



These crafty canines are highly expressive and have quirky personalities. Each sculpture is individually and painstakingly modelled from clay and then hand-painted.



Purrfect for the individual or family who loves funky felines. These cool cats are modelled in clay and hand painted using ceramic under glaze.


Animal Character Range

A range of wheel-thrown pottery pieces made using cream coloured earthenware clay. Each design is then individually hand painted with adorable animal designs.




‘Mementos – Australia’ capture the diversity of this rich landscape through sand, soil and salt.


Rivulets Series

Small rivulets of water carve tiny chasms through the white sand as they race back down the beach in an attempt to re-join the retreating waves.


Anemone Series

Entangled, waving tentacles of the sea anemone, moving randomly with the currents of the pristine waters.


Urban Grass

This series of glass sculptures speak of my concern about our dwindling natural water supply and the effects this has on our environment.


Beach Paperweight


Inspired by the colours of the coastline. These hand blown paperweights celebrate the journey along the waters edge.


The Seasons Series

The elegant forms of this range are articulated by a further surface treatment; a frosting of the glass. This brings a greater vibrancy of colour, holding light in the skin of the vessel.


Japanese Flower Pattern


Japanese Flower Pattern glassware


Tasmanian Blackwood Platter

Hand turned out of Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon) and is finished in Danish oil.


Beach Bowls

Inspired with the light and colours of summer, the Beach Bowl is designed with entertaining in mind. The fluid lines and subtle movements bring life to any table.



My family memories were nurtured by my grandmother’s sincere conviction in the goodness of ice cream. When we would visit our indulgence in ice cream after a family dinner was always approved of on the grounds that just enough would soothe the stomach and a little more would ‘help everything go down!’


Optical Landscape

The ‘Optical Landscape’ series combines both hot blown glass and photographic imagery. The black and white images reference the Australian landscape, and are highlighted by the refraction of light through the glass form.


Mother Chook


These bright and funky creatures are a pleasure to make and will look great in the office or home.


Fat Free Donuts

These glass sculptured donuts are a modern take on the apples and pears that formally adorned sideboards in the 70′s. Designed by George Agius and soon to be featured in Home Beautiful Magazine.


Turf Glass Paperweight


Blades of grass, an orb of glass. Turf… a precious plot of earth. Well-manicured, groomed to perfection or, wild, windy, growing in every direction. Pesticide free since 1983. NO sprinkler required .