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Save Glass Straw

SAVE STRAW is an ethical handmade design assuring quality, re-usability, and boasting personality in setting a dining experience. A finalist in The Adelaide Review’s Drink, Dine Design Awards 2017, the design compensates for domestic storage with its obtuse bend allowing multiples to couple neatly together.


Wellness and Antibacterial Hand Spray


Our Wellness Spray’s recipe of goodness, was created as a chemical-free alternative to the harsh hand sanitisers and soaps that we see in our stores every day. Unfortunately, we underestimate what harmful ingredients can do to our bodies, often being absorbed through our skin.


Turmeric Dry Oil


This blend of natural oils contains ingredients proven to kill bacteria associated with blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. Turmeric calms irritation and the high antioxidant formula, including Rosehip, Grapeseed, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, helps to reduce blemishes, and heal the skin to reduce scarring.


Lucky Drop Opaque Collection

The 'Lucky Drop' is a hand blown ornamental object. It has a curved and weighted base to allow it to gently rock. Great gift for yourself, office space, coffee table, window frame or a shelf. They also look great in groups.


Sunset Bowl


Nothing is so lovely as the sunrise and the sunset above me. Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn and is an opportunity to reset.


Powdered Cleansers - Chocolate

An antioxidant-rich powder which mixes into a gentle chocolate crème cleanser. Formulated with organic cacao powder to fight free-radical damage, and soothing colloidal oatmeal this cleanser is delicate on the skin while lightly buffing away dead skin cells, to reveal a healthy glowing complexion.


Gacha Bowl Series

Emulating the colourful capsules of Japanese gashapon toy machines, the Gacha series is the newest collection from Thomas Yeend Design.



These elegant free formed handsculpted figures represent the human connection - celebrating couples and family. The evocative nature of the language of the human form gives a reflective, contemplative quality to this series of work.


Chemical Free Living Collection

This Premium Starter Kit is ideal for those wishing to replace harmful chemicals in the home with powerful, natural alternatives.


Cornetto Pendant Light


The theory behind my design approach is to create and inspire contemporary products using a minimalist approach.


Night Repair Serum


A wonderful blend of collagen stimulating ingredients, to minimise lines and nurture your skin while you sleep. Absorbs well into skin with a rich, silky finish.


Insect Repellent Stick for Babies and Adults


This natural insect repellent stick is great for Adults. Simple to use, non-greasy, and the stick conveniently fits in your bag for when you need it. Chemical free, effective and good for your skin!


Mini Lucky Drops


The 'Lucky Drop' is a hand blown ornamental object. It has a curved and weighted base to allow it to gently rock.


Diffusers and Essential Oils

11 handpicked versatile oils we think every home should have


Powdered Cleansers

Borrowing from an ancient Japanese tradition, featuring Adzuki Bean (a natural foaming agent) and Rice Bran, these cleansers will leave your skin smooth and refreshed.


Bath Infusion

These amazing pockets of goodness will give you an all over body treatment while you soak.


Summer Face Oil


An uplifting and balancing face oil that refreshes and tones the skin. This face oil is blended using cold-pressed oils of cucumber & kiwi seed, as well as raspberry, watermelon & grapefruit, making it a super antioxidant packed, nutritious oil for your skin.


Sunrise Clock


Every second is an artistic expression with this gorgeous handcrafted desk clock from the studio of Robyn Wood. Carved from premium Tasmanian oak, this beautiful timepiece includes hand riveted brass markers and a white, powder-coated steel back which is attached by magnets.


Action Desk Set

Beautifully handcrafted in the studio of Robyn Wood, this hand-turned office desk set includes a business-card holder, paper-clip dish, pen pot/dry vase and lightweight paperweight made from maple and walnut, both of which are considered luxury timbers. The artist has created these pieces to be purchased individually or as a set.