Unique Promotional Merchandise Available Anywhere in Australia

Are you looking to separate yourself from the competition? In the cutthroat business world anything that gives you an edge can make a difference to the bottom line, and our handcrafted promotional merchandise does just that. Designed by leading Australian artists, our promotional merchandise stands out and makes you memorable. With a completely customisable range of merchandising options to choose from, we help you to create the perfect pieces to tell the story of your business.

All our products are either handmade or designed in Australia and everything is produced to the highest quality standards, and this is an essential difference when you’re looking to impress – you can’t have your promotional merchandise breaking in a potential customers’ hands. With express post shipping and a fast turnaround, no matter the size of your order, big or small, we can deliver your order fast anywhere in Australia.

Australia’s leaders in unique promotional creations

At CoCo we don’t believe in creating boring. All our designs are unique and made to reflect the nature of the business they are created for. This means we can work with you to design and then manufacture the right promotional merchandise for your business. Not only that, but thanks to our fast engraving, design and creation process, we can meet even short notice orders fast. We also offer express delivery right across Australia to ensure your merchandising products arrive on time and in good condition.

For more information on our promotional merchandise or any of our other customisable offerings, just contact us here, we’ll be happy to go through our product range with you and help you find the perfect item.

A complete range of gifts and glassware

We don’t just create promotional merchandise. The team at CoCo design a full range of glassware, corporate gift sets, wedding and engagement presents and more. So, for all your gift needs, visit us and find something truly unique for every occasion.

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