Dew Drop

'Wonderfully organic glass forms reflecting the rich colours of nature.'


Round Cheese Board


Huon Pine grows only in the temperate rainforests of Tasmania. It is one of the world's most desirable, ageless and exclusive furniture and veneering timbers. Drawn from a very slow growing and long-lived tree, the timber is like a time capsule. Several examples of Huon Pine are believed to be over 2,000 years old, making them one of the oldest living things in the world.Almost all Huon Pine forests are reserved and the resource that is available comes from logs salvaged from rivers, the forest floor and areas inundated by hydro electric schemes.


Line Bowls



Celebrations Jug


Just released the very stylish,elegant and easy to hold hand blown Glass Carafe. Be the first to have this gorgeous 'must have' for 2014.


Earth Range

A linier pattern full of brilliant reds, vibrant oranges, and beautiful browns is formed over hundreds of years. Layers of sedimentary earth map a physical breakdown and chemical alteration of rocks. A mix of quartz, clays and natural matter represent moments in time and can give great insight into the past.


Rondure Water bottle


The Rondure water bottle is designed for use at the table when entertaining.


Rondure Decanter and Tumblers

The Rondure decanter and tumblers are designed to optimise the experience of drinking fine wine. The marble in the base of the piece allows movement of the glass to aerate wine.


Suspension Range

The Suspension Range is an exploration of colour and white space. Through the controlled deflation of blown glass, colour creates a negative space, a seemingly suspended form. This range includes a large bowl, a small bowl and a vase and each piece is multifunctional as they are reversible.