This Month's Best Sellers

Rondure Water bottle


The Rondure water bottle is designed for use at the table when entertaining.


Rondure Decanter and Tumblers

The Rondure decanter and tumblers are designed to optimise the experience of drinking fine wine. The marble in the base of the piece allows movement of the glass to aerate wine.


Suspension Range

The Suspension Range is an exploration of colour and white space. Through the controlled deflation of blown glass, colour creates a negative space, a seemingly suspended form. This range includes a large bowl, a small bowl and a vase and each piece is multifunctional as they are reversible.


Mesh Bangle



Kinetic Rose Wine Glass Set


Mothers Day Gifts 2014


Tasmanian Sassafrass Platter Board


Beautifully hand crafted Tasmanian sassafrass board. The board can be used as a platter or cutting board. It is finished with food safe protectant.


Love Heart Studs


I heart you studs.