HASA Design

We arrived in Tasmania in 1986 (Maureen is from Melbourne via King Island and Ron is a native Canadian) and we soon embraced the spirit and the difference of this beautiful island.

It started in 1998 with the idea that we could make a better knife than one we saw in Montreal. We began to design and make a range of useful and attractive items, based on the unique timbers of Tasmania, using quality local materials in our own Tasmanian workshop.

We still make many of our original products – the Cape Barren and Park Beach Platters, Teepookana Trays and our handy Hasa Hands are all popular today. Collaborating with our woodworking team keeps our business fresh, with new ideas coming all the time. We enjoy the challenge of being asked to develop new products or make special ‘one-off’ items’. Working with others to make something new and original is very rewarding.

We know we can’t compete on price with offshore manufacturing – our interest is in making top-quality, unique products, here in Tasmania. That makes Hasa different from many other giftware suppliers and we appreciate our loyal customers who support ‘Buying Australian’.

Hasa was built on the product and the product alone. We honour the timber in each product we create. We honour the product, in the life each customer gives it.