Emma Klau

Born in South Australia, Emma Klau attended the University of South Australia graduating in 2007 with a BA in Visual Arts specialising in Hot glass. She went onto work and hire in Max Klubals hot glass studio in Goodwood, where she developed a love for creating large vessels inspired particularly by the organic. In 2011 Emma was accepted into the Glass Associateship program at the Jam Factory in Adelaide and is currently finishing her final year. Participating in workshops with Tom Rowney, Ben Edols and Boyd and Lisa Sugiki. Over the past two years she has exhibited in several SALA exhibitions around Adelaide, her works most recently exhibited “Inspired by Nature” up in Handorf in the Adelaide Hills. During 2011 Emma Klau developed her first range of functional stem less revolving wine glasses and bowls, just the first in a series of revolving functional tableware .

What I love about glass is its ability to twist, bend and stretch from a molten form into life. My work is inspired by the playful nature of the glass, which is what I hope to capture in this first series of products, the wineglass’s while not only entertaining to drink from , act as a decanter aerating the wine as it swirls around in the moving form. - Emma Klau 

Handmade by Emma Klau