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At CoCo, we take great pride in our extensive expertise in Management, Web and Social Marketing, and Brand Styling. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of various industries, including Retail Management, Supplier Relationships, Importing and Exporting, E-commerce, and Sales and Web Marketing.

Our team of professionals based in Adelaide and Melbourne bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you are a small business looking to optimize your online presence, or a larger organisation seeking to enhance your marketing strategies, we have the expertise to deliver results.

In the field of Management, we offer comprehensive solutions that can help streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth. Our team understands the intricacies of Retail Management, Supplier Relationships, Importing and Exporting, and can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed.

When it comes to Web and Social Marketing, we excel at creating engaging websites and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns. Our goal is to help you attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. With our expertise in E-commerce and Sales and Marketing, we can help you optimize your online store, reach your target audience, and achieve your business objectives.

Additionally, our Branding and Styling services can elevate your brand's image and create visually appealing visuals. Our experienced photographers can assist with product styling, team photography, and brand identity development. 

At CoCo, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding our clients' expectations. We believe in building strong and long-lasting partnerships, and we strive to be your trusted advisor in all aspects of Brand Management, Web and Social Marketing.

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CoCo Web Solutions & Marketing Agency

We can provide you with:

  • Website Design - New builds and Update Existing
  • E-commerce (Shopify, WIX, Woo-commerce and WordPress) website design and development
  • Website Maintenance - Keeps the website up to date and running smoothly to avoid any tech issues or security risks.
  • Domain Management from $20-30 per month
  • Host Management from $25-50 per month
  • SSL Secure Socket Layer from $80-100 per year
  • Digital Marketing - SEO, White Hat backlinking, Bing Ads, Google Ads 
  • Social Media Marketing Management - Facebook and Instagram. Packages from $200 per week. 

We would love the opportunity to work with you, but we understand that you may have some additional questions. Proudly based in Adelaide, South Australia give our friendly sales team a call today or fill out the form below. 

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