Jane Burbidge

I draw inspiration from colours, textures and patterns from within nature and the natural environment and from the effects that nature has on man made items. My work is also influenced by a long interest in Archaeology and Paleontology and the strata layers in which the remaining shards, remnants and artefacts have been encased. These influences have led me to speculate that, the death of a living organism- or demise of a culture- is not the end. Rather, it is the beginning of the removal of outer layers to reveal innermost secrets.

For me, these artefacts have become a part of the earth and gained an artistic beauty with the passing of time and effects of weathering, erosion and decay.
These beliefs, linked with my admiration of nature and its intricacies’, juxtapose within my work creating tensions between the order and structure of human civilisation and the random effects of nature.

Handmade by Jane Burbidge