"In a world where true quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are those who are still devoted to the craft of well-made things. We are an organisation that finds meaning by making things the best we possibly can. It is not just quality products, it is quality stories, quality experiences, quality relationships with customers and quality ways of working to fulfil our mission as a team. No one said this will be easy, but it is infinitely more rewarding than anything else I've experienced." - Shantala Chung Gon , CoCo Contemporary Connoisseur CEO.

We do our best to run CoCo as sustainably as possible which includes, recycling our paper & plastics, we use biodegradable foam pellets which are made from corn starch which many of our customers use in the garden after to turn into compost.

We use ceramic keep cups and Swell© water bottles, print our brand collateral locally (reducing our carbon footprint), use FSC© certified and Australian Made paper and we constantly look for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

We use business cards made from recycled card and all of our products are made with sustainable products. 

We contribute to local charities and fundraisers when possible. We are solar powered and use natural light for as long as the sunshine will allow - especially in the long summer months.

We are passionate about creating ethically sourced, sustainable, cruelty-free products that make you feel good when buying and using them.

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CoCo is a proud family owned business located here in South Australia, Australia.