"In a world where true quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are those who are still devoted to the craft of well-made things. We are an organisation that finds meaning by making things the best we possibly can. It is not just quality products, it is quality stories, quality experiences, quality relationships with customers and quality ways of working to fulfil our mission as a team. No one said this will be easy, but it is infinitely more rewarding than anything else I've experienced." - Shantala Chung Gon , Contemporary Co CEO.

Originally based at the Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Shantala Chung Gon has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mentoring, managing and marketing Australian artists and designers.

The Jam Factory was established in 1973 during a boom era for the South Australian arts scene under a Don Dunstan-led State Government. Don's ethos behind this creative centre was to create a space where emerging artists could undergo a two-year program of training and exploration and be supported along the way. 

Founded on a long-standing passion for art, design and 'beautiful things', Shantala and her team at CoCo support new, independent artists and makers who have completed their associate ship and are ready to enter the marketplace.

CoCo's philosophy is to celebrate the importance of local Australian artists by promoting and exhibiting them in Australia and globally through commercial and private clients. We fully endorse the skills and creativity of our artists and know our clients will receive high-quality, unique and expertly-finished pieces.

shantala ryan chung gon

"We foster the relationship between art and people by engaging with our clients and by maintaining close relationships with all our artists. This direct and personal contact ensures you will always receive the highest degree of detail and quality, and most importantly have all your desires met." - Shantala Chung Gon, Creative Director. 

Pictured: Shantala with her husband Ryan and her two girls Ayesha and Poppy Chung Gon.