Tamara Hahn

The work is all about the process, the material, and the body. Identity is expressed through the form, the surface treatments and the marks left by the maker. The notion of identity is ultimately connected to the process of making, and is often expressed unconsciously in the finished pieces, like leaving traces of oneself. Like a painter paints a self portrait to express self, clay can be used to do the same. Pots can express self and the relationship the artist has with the medium and the process of making.

“I like to try and capture the times in the process where I am shaping and forming the clay, the times when I am enjoying the materials sensual, tactile qualities. The works go from being soft, malleable pieces of fine white clay, to rock hard usable pieces that can never go back to that softness again. If I can capture a faction of that softness and potential to be shaped into anything, then I have succeeded expressing what is most important to me in my work, simply, the process of making using clay.”

Handmade by Tamara Hahn