Wilbery ethical and sustainable fashion by Kate Egan

Wilbery comes from ‘Wilber’ a beautiful rescue dog we once had. I wanted a name that is a consistent reminder of him and to lead with energy, determination and excitement, just like he did.

I designed a pair of pants that were intended to suit my lifestyle. Always on-the-go, play dates, catch ups, work meetings, never a dull moment! I wanted something that wasn’t my active-wear and wasn’t a pair of jeans – so I came up with these versatile, comfortable, relaxed, but stylish trousers.

They are made with a soft, slight stretch fabric that is kind to the planet. Drop-crutch with pockets and lovely thick waistband that sits comfortable over the tummy.

From day to evening these pants suit any occasion – and to be honest, I live in them!

I live in Melbourne with my husband and two little ladies. I’ve always had a love for fashion and as I’ve got older (and wiser) I been conscious of fast fashion – and doing my best to avoid it. 

I wanted these pants to ooze style but not necessarily ‘on-trend’. I want them to be a staple in your wardrobe, from Autumn, Spring and Winter. 

Style them with a sneaker, Birkenstock or heel. They work with anything! 

- Kate Egan, Designer - Wilbery. 

Handmade by Wilbery