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Corporate Projects:

Three artists represented by Coco were chosen in 2009 to have work permanently exhibited in the new Crown Metropol Hotel in Melbourne’s Southbank. Tamara Hahn, Susan frost and Charmaine Hearder were chosen by designer Kendra Pinkus of Bates Smart to be shown in Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Restaurant and the Metropol Powder Rooms.

The Powder Rooms are adorned with 64 of Tamara Hahn’s “Drip Forms” which incorporate a Form and Bowl.

Frost’s 96 “Nestling Vessels” are sets of three cylindrical forms which sit within one another on the dining tables in Ramsey’s Maze Restaurant.

Hearder’s “Rice Bowls” were placed in towers behind the Passe in Ramsey’s Grill Dining area. The 168 bowls were all hand made by Hearder in Adelaide and took 8 weeks to produce. The installation is part of the permanent artwork displayed throughout the restaurant.

Our artists worked to the tight deadline of March 18 2010 to ensure their pieces were delivered to Metropol on time…sometimes up to 17 days straight! Working with Bates Smart and Crown was both challenging and satisfying for both Coco and the artists who altered and resized pieces to be location specific. Tonnes of clay and kilns firing up to 1280 Celcius were used throughout the making period!

In late 2010, Coco was asked to provide a selection of glass artists to make the final series of objet for Crown Metropol. Eighteen floors, each requiring a set of four glass pieces, providing the finishing touch to the Metropol experience. Working with Kendra Pinkus and Lee Steward of Bates Smart, we successfully presented “Crown Bubble Blocks” which were designed by a team at the Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design. Alternate floors will showcase a blue or pink set of asymmetric pieces which suspend one of the six tones of pigment selected by the designers within glass bubbles making 72 individual objet in total. The project cements Coco’s longstanding working relationship with some of Melbourne’s foremost designers and is due to be completed by August 2011.. Business corporate gifts produced by our artists make you stand out and classy.


“I have worked with Shantala at Coco for almost two years and have thoroughly enjoyed all the projects we have completed together. Shantala is professional, friendly and very passionate about art. Her keen eye for detail and sound knowledge of local artists ensure she is always able to fulfil our client briefs and requirements. A wonderful friend and colleague I love working with!”
-Lee Steward | creative director at axometric