Rhapsody In Wood

Rhapsody In Woods mission is to create beautiful works of art out of all-natural Australian timbers, to be passed down through the generations. This talented father and son family-owned and operated business have a long generational family history of working with wood. They pride themselves on quality materials and craftsmanship in each piece, ensuring they are made to last.

Their products are all designed and crafted in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The majority of the machines used to assist in the production of their maps are custom-built by them as there are currently no machines on the market large enough to perform the necessary machining required to craft their maps.
They are proud to be the only company in the world to handcraft such high-quality wooden world and country maps. Each map is intricately unique, showcasing the beautiful grain patterns of local sustainably sourced timbers.

Handmade by Rhapsody In Wood