Explore Australia with our brand-new exquisite wooden maps! ✨
A true reflection of a family's cherished woodworking heritage!
Handcrafted in Port Lincoln, South Australia, by Rhapsody In Wood. This family-owned and operated business led by a father and his son is a testament to their generations-long passion for working with wood. Each map is made of sustainably sourced natural Australian timbers; no staining is ever used, and the colours in their maps are 100% natural. Beautifully framed in your choice of solid Tasmanian Oak or Western Australian Jarrah. They serve as captivating conversation starters in any home and carry the essence of this family's dedication to the art of woodworking.
These beautifully crafted maps are not just decorations but true masterpieces that showcase your voyages and fuel your wanderlust!


About me

In 2010, when a restructure at the Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion, Shantala jumped at the chance to support local artists and designers to sell their crafts and design by founding CoCo Contemporary Connoisseur.
Passionate about supporting local artists and ensuring they have avenues to sell their beautiful pieces, Shantala has built up a strong wholesale, corporate and retail customer base.

A dream job for Shantala, she says “I absolutely love what I do. I am able to mix my business acumen with my passion for art and beautiful designs”. Whilst still spending time with my daughters watching them grow. – What more could I want?

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