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What ties us Coco Girls is life, love, families, men and all the laughs and struggles in between. Having instantly connected many years ago over, working for ourselves, having a better work-life balance and doing what we loved, we now hold a very special work bond. Bring our aligned visions together to create something special and helping others along the way, we love sharing exciting news, inspiration tips and recipes with you all! Today we continue to support each other more than we ever could have imagined! Though in separate cities we Coco Girls always make it work and find our way back to each other. We are so passionate about sharing all the valuable things we learn daily whilst running businesses and raising kids and men! The struggle is real but life is good.

Shantala, Kate and Bree xxx

Australian Made Wooden Maps

Explore Australia with our brand-new exquisite wooden maps! ✨
A true reflection of a family's cherished woodworking heritage!
Handcrafted in Port Lincoln, South...