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'Horn-rimmed Glasses'


Whiskey glass that is in the shape of a highland cow.


'Trio Of Dips'


Set of three wheel thrown vessels pushed together when the clay is still wet make a unique set that fit together as a group, and can also be separated, used and admired alone for the unique forms that they are.


'Vine Memento'


Vine memento's are about bringing home a permanent memento of Australia's amazing wine regions.


Animal Character Range

A range of wheel-thrown pottery pieces made using cream coloured earthenware clay. Each design is then individually hand painted with adorable animal designs.


Beach Paperweight


Inspired by the colours of the coastline. These hand blown paperweights celebrate the journey along the waters edge.


Beanie Stool


Sarah has always maintained a busy sideline designing and creating her own homewares and furniture pieces. It was through this that her Beanie Stools were developed and have thrived into a business of their own.


Confetti Hole Paperweight


New pop glass comes to CoCo!



“Everyone has one, and they are all individual” This work explores the voluptuous and sensual qualities of molten glass.



These crafty canines are highly expressive and have quirky personalities. Each sculpture is individually and painstakingly modelled from clay and then hand-painted.


Earth Range

A linier pattern full of brilliant reds, vibrant oranges, and beautiful browns is formed over hundreds of years. Layers of sedimentary earth map a physical breakdown and chemical alteration of rocks. A mix of quartz, clays and natural matter represent moments in time and can give great insight into the past.



Our Glasshearts are the perfect way to show you care, and speak a thousand languages.


Hasa Hands


Hasa Hands - Salad Servers


Heart Cheese Board

Inspired by the love of food, wine and good company CoCo has designed this classic and contemporary heart cheese board just for you.


Kie Series 'Large Cane'


Kie Series designed by Andrew Baldwin


Kinetic Wine Collection

Inspired by the love of wine and the idea of creating fun enjoyable drink ware, to complement the identity of the liquid it holds within!


Kitchen Paddle Boards

CoCo's new 'Paddle Board Range' are designed and made using the finest 'Solid Australian Oak'. Thick pieces of Australian Oak have been carved to make these beautiful paddle boards just for you. Perfect for that wedding gift or just because you 'want'. They are a gift to suit everyone.


Lucky Drop


The 'Lucky Drop' is a hand blown ornamental object. It has a curved and weighted base to allow it to gently rock.


Melody Pattern


Melody Pattern Series




‘Mementos – Australia’ capture the diversity of this rich landscape through sand, soil and salt.


Memory Series

Weathered, eroded layers reveal map like images, evoking memories of life’s journeys travelled.


Mesh Bangle



Nebular Platter

Nebular Platter designed by Karen Cunningham.


Optical Landscape

The ‘Optical Landscape’ series combines both hot blown glass and photographic imagery. The black and white images reference the Australian landscape, and are highlighted by the refraction of light through the glass form.


Organic Bubble Block

Most of my work tries to capture the paradoxical relationship between the warm biomorphic forms of molten glass, and the crisp lines and angles created by the industrial machinery used for finishing.


Rocket Vase


Rocket Vases are works of high contrast. A singular bubble of graphic black or white is dropped molten hot and, then blown into a natural, rocket-like vessel.


Salt and Pepper Pinch Pot


When only a good sized pinch will do, these vessels look beautiful and function admirably as well.


Sunset, Sunrise Vase


Nothing is so lovely as the sunrise and the sunset above me. Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn and is an opportunity to reset.


Temeno Range

The Temeno Range is designed with line in mind. Inspired by Czech artist Frantizek Visner this range consisting of two bowls and a vase is a concentration of line and curvature


The Seasons Series

The elegant forms of this range are articulated by a further surface treatment; a frosting of the glass. This brings a greater vibrancy of colour, holding light in the skin of the vessel.


Two Happy Flower Girls


My cards are positive, colourful and humorous. I use watercolour and digital collage to create the designs. Quaint expressions and things kids say inspire the words on the cards