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A little bit about Beauty Pantry ….

Just as we like to nourish our bodies with nutritious foods, we believe that what goes on your skin should be just as healthy and delicious! This is why all of our products contain only 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.

We like to create products that let you forget about the chaos of everyday life. Let us take you away on a holiday in a bath with our giant tea bag bath infusions, or on a chocolate adventure with our cocoa treatment bars.

All of our products are hand blended and packaged in Australia

5% of profit donated to support Australian environmental organisations. 

When going about the day to day, from developing new products to making the smallest of business decisions, we have 3 main principles that guide us. We like to ask ourselves:



What HEALTHY means to us ...

We seek out the freshest and best raw ingredients, producing products that have the highest levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your skin.

We are proud to provide you with Waterless Skincare. Adding water requires a combination of preservatives to also be blended into a product in order to provide broad-spectrum protection. Waterless formulations minimise the use of preservatives which also minimises allergens, skin sensitivity and irritation, bringing your skin only the good stuff.

What HONEST means to us ... 

We celebrate the differences that come from using truly natural ingredients, blended and packaged by hand. We will not add colours or scents to manipulate a product. Natural ingredients may have slight seasonal variations, and we think that’s great! To us, a natural product refers to the ingredients, as well as the way these raw ingredients are treated.

We do not add fillers to our products. There are many products on the market which contain significant percentages of water. Water can be a helpful ingredient to modify consistency for particular uses, however, too often it is used as nothing more than an affordable way to bulk up a product. We make Water less Skincare to minimise the use of preservatives, as well as giving you a product that is only full of great, active ingredients. 

What SUSTAINABLE means to us ...

We look at all aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

Our environmental approach is to protect our natural resources by reducing the presence of toxic chemicals, allergens and plastics in our environment. We do this by assessing the raw materials we use, how they are harvested and processed and utilising the best packaging options for our finished products to minimise our environmental impact.   

We also understand that any decisions we make can have profound impacts on people and society. Whether it is ensuring that we obtain raw ingredients sourced through fair labour practices, making products that are natural and healthy to use, or advocating a good work-life balance. We believe that no bottom line is ever more important than the well being of a person or community.

Economic sustainability is the business of staying in business. To us, economic sustainability does not always mean utilising the most cost-efficient options for obtaining products or services. If something we want to create cannot meet all our other goals and principles then we do not view this as economically sustainable to our business. We feel that selecting Australian made ingredients or products where available is important in moving towards a sustainable economy that has a positive impact for us all.

“If conscience was our currency, the world would be a fairer, healthier and happier place.” - Alecia Moriarty (Beauty Pantry Founder)

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